Xeriscaping is Beneficial

What is xeriscaping?  It is the selection of a variety of native plants and other well-adapted species that can thrive in a landscape using as little supplemental water as possible. This low-water landscaping allows the ability to have a beautiful garden with seasonal flowers even if your area is restricted on its use of water. The environment also benefits from xeric plants having to use a great deal less water. Contouring of the soil and grading can guide available moisture to a place in the landscape where it can be used, such as a rain garden. Another benefit is the owners being able to save money and time on the property’s landscaping and get away from the constant maintenance needed by the usual lawn and flowerbed garden.

Xeriscaping is Beneficial

A proper landscaper can take the guesswork out of designing, creating, installing, and caring for these plants and provide  a comprehensive plan for reliable systems for irrigation, draining, and erosion management. The first two summers require thorough and regular watering so that the plants can develop the deep root systems needed to become strong. Once mature, the plants can be watered usually only once a week during the hottest times. Professional landscapers normally recommend a drip irrigation system as a requirement for xeriscapes unless you are able to harvest free rain water into underground tanks or barrels.

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