Simplifying every manual task with InTouchLink

It is the digital era of simplifying every manual task and making life better for the community.  InTouchLink platform has been specially designed for easing the life’s of seniors by accelerating the comfort experience through more engagement with the community. It has been developed through real time feedback from seniors sharing their housing needs challenges and focuses on combating the same and contributing to hassle free experience. The software ensures that all the residents, seniors, family members and internal staff are connected in harmony and in sync with common interest. This promotes upward growth cycle for all in the community and makes it excel and bloom.

Benefits of Using this Platform

We use an interface expertise which is not just user friendly but also engaging for information sharing across residents. The software works relentlessly basis your feedback and your opinions.

The features of the software comprise of compatibility with seniors of low vision, it adjusts its font, color or size of the screen as per the comfort of the user, requires no complicated process to access email, internet, photos, calendars and more. You can access all these features with ease and little experience.

Another unique feature is the interface is equipped with large buttons, for an easy grip and also one click links to accessing your favorite websites. The internet feature divides website into 12 simple categories like News, Shopping, Medical, Financial etc. hence eliminating the tedious task of running the search engine for delivering a command.  But we have widened the horizon of engaging and entertaining, with links to movies and music library too.

The software allows you to create your own personal email, mark calendar options and also uploading pictures to your album menu. The personal photo album allows easy and quick importing of pictures from email or internet.

To offer another unique feature in this, we have added the digital photo frame as an add on for giving a beautiful touch to your memories. The personal calendar is not simple to access but also offers options to create reminders for your important events like anniversaries, birthdays and medical appointments. The entertainment zone offers brain games, videos, movies and radio for your engagement.

There is customizable greeting cards option as another unique feature to enhance your user experience and send your greetings with smiles and personal messages to your loved ones. The sole objective of all these features is easy navigation and staying in touch with your family, friends or residential community. It’s not restricted within a specific community use, you can access this software anywhere, from senior centre, home or retirement community. Communication is the key for comfort living.

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