How to Remove and Change an Image Background with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor offers an easy to use background removal tool that can erase away boring background. With the background removal tool, you can first take the photo on a plain background and change it to your desired background by using another background photo afterwards. The background removal tool can automatically draw a yellow trace line on the main subject that is marked with green color. In the Background Removal tab, you must first select the green brush tool to draw the silhouette of the main subject. Next, you must select the red brush tool to draw a tracing line on the outside of the main subject.

The yellow outline will appear as soon as you finish marking the unwanted background with the red brush tool. Movavi Photo Editor uses its own algorithm to correctly identify the object that is marked in green and the background that is marked in red. If the yellow outline did not exactly trace along the main subject, you can use the eraser tool to erase away the green mark. When you click the cut out button, the background will be deleted and become transparent. You can change the boundary smoothness depending on the amount of details near to the main subject.

You can select the Set New Background to paint the background with a solid color or use your own image file as the new background. There are a few default grayscale colors that can be usedas the background such as white, grey and black. The first button under the Set New Background is a transparent color. If you want to use other types of colors as the background, you must click the drop down color picker tool and select the custom color.

If you want to add a photo to change photo background, you simply click the Image File button and select the picture and it will instantly be applied as the new photo background. After the new background photo is added, you might want to resize the main subject so that it look better in the new background. After you add a new background photo, an image icon will appear next to the Image File button. Clicking the image icon will apply the preview image onto the photo.

You can resize it by dragging on the blue resize button on the corner of the image placeholder.  The blur edges slider is useful if the photo edge is too sharp. You can drag the blur edges slider to create a blurred edge on the photo. The shift edges slider is useful if the photo shows a lot of details on the edges. The Shift Edges button can reduce or increase the size of the selection. If you change your mind about cutting out the background, you can click the reset button at the bottom.

After cutting out the background, you can choose the save the picture in transparent background for use as a clipart in your web designing or banner designing project. When you finally want to save the photo, you can click the export button and choose the folder destination.

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