Simplifying every manual task with InTouchLink

It is the digital era of simplifying every manual task and making life better for the community.  InTouchLink platform has been specially designed for easing the life’s of seniors by accelerating the comfort experience through more engagement with the community. It has been developed through real time feedback from seniors sharing their housing needs challenges and focuses on combating the same and contributing to hassle free experience. The software ensures that all the residents, seniors, family members and internal staff are connected in harmony and in sync with common interest. This promotes upward growth cycle for all in the community and makes it excel and bloom.

Benefits of Using this Platform

We use an interface expertise which is not just user friendly but also engaging for information sharing across residents. The software works relentlessly basis your feedback and your opinions.

The features of the software comprise of compatibility with seniors of low vision, it adjusts its font, color or size of the screen as per the comfort of the user, requires no complicated process to access email, internet, photos, calendars and more. You can access all these features with ease and little experience.

Another unique feature is the interface is equipped with large buttons, for an easy grip and also one click links to accessing your favorite websites. The internet feature divides website into 12 simple categories like News, Shopping, Medical, Financial etc. hence eliminating the tedious task of running the search engine for delivering a command.  But we have widened the horizon of engaging and entertaining, with links to movies and music library too.

The software allows you to create your own personal email, mark calendar options and also uploading pictures to your album menu. The personal photo album allows easy and quick importing of pictures from email or internet.

To offer another unique feature in this, we have added the digital photo frame as an add on for giving a beautiful touch to your memories. The personal calendar is not simple to access but also offers options to create reminders for your important events like anniversaries, birthdays and medical appointments. The entertainment zone offers brain games, videos, movies and radio for your engagement.

There is customizable greeting cards option as another unique feature to enhance your user experience and send your greetings with smiles and personal messages to your loved ones. The sole objective of all these features is easy navigation and staying in touch with your family, friends or residential community. It’s not restricted within a specific community use, you can access this software anywhere, from senior centre, home or retirement community. Communication is the key for comfort living.

Various SBC Designs for a Company

Using a single board for your computer is often the only way to quickly build the machine that you need. You might choose to build a device that performs a single task, or you could build something that works for a short period of time before you tear it down to repurpose all the parts. You might want to make one of these machines yourself, or you could build something that will last for some time because it is so simple. Use these tips to build the sort of device you need for your office.

Why Do You Need a Single Board Machine?

You could create a Single Board Computer for little jobs around your office, or you could use a single board machine because you want to tinker with a device that is not that complex. You do not want to be in danger of damaging the device, and the single board can be easily repaired or replaced depending on what you think is best for you. You simply need to determine how the computer will be used once it is built.

Who Can Build One?

Anyone can build a single board unit because it provides you with the easy wiring, the single board, and a tower that is easy to close. You might choose to teach your kids about computers with these machines, or you could use these machines to teach yourself how to build an even better computer. You can expand from one board to multiples, and you should build these machines with instructions you found online.

Working with the Board

The board is easy to repair, and it can be fixed at any time if you come across problems. You might want to learn how to solder all the wiring, or you could learn how to put a board together using this one as a model. The boards are not that expensive, and they could be used in any of the machines that you are working on.

How Do You Purchase Your Board or Tower?

You can purchase your board or tower relatively easily, and you will find that these items are much cheaper online. You might select a board that is very cheap, or you could buy a board that is specific to your machine. You could purchase the tower from an outlet that offers discounts, and you will find that you could make something that will last for long periods of time if you have built it correctly.

Someone who wants to change the way that their business functions should remember that there can invest in a single boar machine. The machine is very simple to use, and it is something that anyone can build for their office. You might build something that will help run an operation in your office, or you might want to teach your kids about computers using these same items. The single board machine is a revelation that is easy to purchase, build, and use.

In the Quest to Reduce Noise Pollution Effectively

During construction in areas that are considered as sensitive land use areas, it important to incorporate noise pollution control in the design process. Noise pollution can be a nuisance and can complicate the best of designs. It needs to be controlled whether it comes from the railway, industrial noise or any other source.

The use of barrier walls has increased tremendously given their effectiveness against noise pollution. They are considered to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly given the current standards that the market requires during their manufacture. Sound barrier walls are made from a wide range of materials and consumers are free to choose from this range based on their requirements. Some of the common materials are concrete, vinyl, steel, wood and earth mounds. Each of this material has its advantages, and this is where consulting an expert becomes important before making that final decision.

In most cases, concrete barriers tend to be heavy and cumbersome to move while steel barriers may be expensive especially if they are expected to cover large areas. Vinyl barriers and those made of other composite materials have dealt with these problems, offering more realistic options. Vinyl barriers have been referred to as easy to work with, but this is also dependent on the place of use.

When choosing which barrier to use, it is important to consider a few factors that include the cost of a barrier will be dependent on a number of things. One of these is usually the material used to make it. For example, steel barriers will be generally more expensive than earth molds. The cost of installation should also be put into consideration as it may be cheap to acquire but quite expensive to install. It is important to ensure that whatever barrier is chosen it easy to install, especially in terrains that would otherwise be complex. Use of heavy machinery during installation falls into this too. When considering a barrier, this may be as well the most important factor. There are installations which will not be easy to work on or repair once they are complete. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the lifespan of the chosen barrier matches that of the place it’s to be used. Although this may not seem important at first, it is important that whatever is being created maintains its aesthetic value. In today’s world, first impressions do matter, and they have been known to decide the fate of certain projects. Having considered these factors, it’s important to look at areas where sound barriers are most likely to be used for.

Residential Noise Compliance 

This applies to areas that have to adhere to certain noise ordinances. In most cases, establishments that are prone to be noise pollution sources will erect noise barriers to ensure that they are fully compliant. This applies to appliances that are bound to generate noise and may range from generators to substations. Noise barriers will help minimize the noise escaping from them.


Your HOA as a Business: Handling Insurance Coverage

Every homeowner’s association or HOA is ran like a business. Certain properties, such as condominiums, are attached to each other with shared walls. Individual owners live in each property, which makes insurance coverage a complex concept in many cases. Learn how to handle the master policy insurance connected to an HOA. These residential properties will feel more like business investments as you cover them with adequate insurance.

Deciding on Deductibles

In general, high deductibles equate to lower premiums. Your HOA may want a low premium so that the dues aren’t so expensive. However, be mindful of extremely expensive deductibles. Requiring $5,000 for every incident claimed on a property is steep, for instance. A policy with a $1,000 deductible per incident is reasonable.

Always use a reliable insurance company for your master policy too. Specialized providers, such as Captive Insurance Group, can carve out policies that are fair and balanced.

Defining Walls Out

Every HOA owner must understand that most master policies involving condos are “walls out” coverage. In other words, the property’s exterior elements are covered by the HOA. Any items that fail within the home, such as plumbing or forced-air systems, are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Running the HOA as a business means that the president should encourage “walls in” coverage paid for by each individual owner. With two policies covering the property, any repairs can be quickly addressed.

Getting it in Writing

Any changes or additions to an insurance policy must be documented in writing. Vague terms on the master policy can leave an HOA vulnerable to lawsuits and excessive claims. The insurance will be in legal terms so some associations may want to summarize the content for the residents. Confusion can be solved with just a quick explanation of the basic terms.

Be sure to send out a copy of the master policy every year that it’s renewed. The property owners will have easy access to claims as a result. By running the HOA and insurance process like a business, the property will always be kept up to strict standards.

Boris Dobrin Shares his Insight on How to Write a Business Plan for Potential Investors.

Writing a business plan can be a daunting process. Summing up your entire business proposal in just a few pages is never easy, but potential investors need to see that you have done your research and created a viable plan for your business idea. Here’s at Boris Dobrin how to write a business plan for potential investors.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a brief overview of the entire business plan. You should always place it at the beginning of your document.

The executive summary is the most critical part of your business plan. If it doesn’t make the reader want to know more about your business idea, the rest of your plan will remain unread.

As the executive summary is intended to summarize the whole plan, it should be the last thing you write.

Business Description

Investors will want to see a description of your business. Keep it short and concise but provide enough information to help them understand your vision for the company.

Investors will also want to see an analysis of the industry, including a brief description of the history, current possibilities and future outlook for the industry in which you’ll be working.

Market Analysis

The market analysis is where you’ll define and demonstrate your understanding of your target market. Extensive market research is crucial for gathering the data and statistics you will need.

Your market analysis should include necessary information about your intended customers, such as their age, gender, and geographical location, as well as more detailed information, such as their interests, beliefs and the types of publications they read.

The aim is to show that you understand your target customers and you know how to reach them with your marketing material.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis should provide information about your competitors, including the types of products and services they offer, the prices they charge and any other relevant facts.

You should also use the competitive analysis to show how your business compares to similar companies, how you intend to compete and which strategies you will use to secure your share of the market.

Development Plan

The development plan is used to provide detailed information about setting up and growing your business. You can use this section to provide a step-by-step plan and a list of milestones for turning your idea into a successful business.

The development plan is also where you will set out your budget and explain the costs involved and purchases you’ll need to make before and after the launch of your business.

Operations Plan

The operations plan should explain how your business will run on a day-to-day basis. That will include a list of management, employee, and other roles that you need to have filled.

The operations plan should also set out the responsibilities and legal obligations involved in running your business.

Financial Forecasts

Financial forecasts should include a detailed analysis of sales, cash flow, gross and net profits expected for the first year. Depending on the amount of money you are asking from investors, you will also need to provide financial forecasts for the next five, 10 or even 20 years.


The presentation is important when creating a professional business plan. Make sure there is plenty of white space between paragraphs and use a new page for each section.

Use charts, graphs, and other visual aids to break up the text. Using bullet points and lists will also help to make the information more accessible, and easier to digest.

Avoid jargon, buzzwords and complicated terms that will distract the reader. Use simple words and short sentences. Break large blocks of text into short paragraphs.

Finally, proofread your business plan to check for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and unclear writing.

Ways to Modernize Your Incident Management

Your IT service management should cover internal users’ requests as well as needs of external customers. Of all these areas, incident management is the most critical aspect that the IT support team prioritizes. Automating responses to incidents should be a priority of any incident response team. In fact, automation helps provide superior service. Below are the steps your IT support team can take to modernize its response to incident management.

Establish Team Priorities

The occurrence of an incident could make internal users and key stakeholders to panic. Nonetheless, the IT team can automate its incident management to stand out amid the crisis. One of the ways to achieve this is to establish measures to take when an incident occurs. Your response should go above and beyond identifying and investigating the cause of the problem. It should involve the definition of accountability and allow team members to learn from an incident. Besides the cost of service downtime, an event can tarnish the reputation of a company. However, business owners can mitigate the risk of reputation damage by nailing their communication strategy. You should make it clear to all stakeholders on how to respond to an incident. You can visit to learn more about modernizing incident management.

Define Processes and Paths

Your response team needs a proactive and standardized way to measure the time it takes to resolve a problem. However, companies need standard communication paths and processes to achieve this. Moreover, companies should allow their incident response teams the flexibility to respond to any crisis that may occur. You should know what takes place at each step, and the team responsible for updating stakeholders. Alternatively, one can set out guidelines for messaging maintain seamless communication. That way, the team can resolve the event faster.

Use Your Knowledge Base to Automate and Integrate

No one can overlook the importance of being knowledgeable in today’s business world. Your incident response team will have more answers to a solution when more articles are available to them. A self-service option will drive costs down and increase the rates of customer satisfaction. In fact, integrating your knowledge base with your service desk will take customer experience to an elevated level. Automation of incident management will help keep your customers happy and satisfied. It also promotes the art of sharing knowledge and enables the team to work smarter and faster as well as make it easier for team members to collaborate.

Use Automated Chats

Research has shown incident response teams spend much of their time on the diagnosis and investigation stages. In fact, more time is spent on these two stages than anything else. As such, these are the areas that a team should prioritize when it comes to reducing time wastage. However, incorporation of automated processes can help reduce time wastage. Integration of chats with your service desk solution can help the incident management team to identify potential bottlenecks and ultimately fix them. In fact, integration allows team members to address an issue with full visibility and without the need of sending emails.