Automation Networks towards Cloud

As more turn towards cloud for back up and for networking, it is now harder for the IT departments of organizations to keep up with the daily maintenance and validation of devices. This leads to a situation where a network is insecure and prone to failures, thus disrupting work. With the coming of cloud-based storage and networking, organizations rushed to digitize without consideration of the logistics involved. Many are companies who have obsolete network systems, and the solution that has been brought forth is automation. Crowd-sourced network automation is the future, and it is already available today.

Network automation is a network system that removes human input through command-In-line commands, but automation scripts (software) automatically configures, manages and runs tests on the network and the devices linked in. In organizations where it is used, it not only reduces the human error, it also improves efficiency. Crowdsourcing means hiring people outside the company to carry out various tasks, in short, it is outsourcing services mostly to people connected to the internet. With the number of people connected rises and more people opt to work at home, crowd-sourced networking could not have come at a better time. Today, one click is enough to reach anyone anywhere in the world.

Crowdsourcing gives companies flexibility and allows them to tap into a resource pool that stretches the globe. With this system, a business can reach experts thus gaining access to solutions, information updates, and innovation. More people also get to interact with the company thus a boost for brand awareness, and it avoids hiring a team that remains idle most of the time.

As the phenomena gathers momentum, Crowdsourcing Network providers have cropped up to take advantage of the market dynamics where people are willing to work freelance and the demand by companies for their services. These providers become a liaison, the intermediary connecting the two. With the logistics involved with this system, automation soon becomes a necessity, especially in the maintenance of a running network and the security of the network. One such company is leading the way through the creation of scripts to run networks and automate tasks, to learn more about Indeni, click on their website and see the innovations that are currently setting the standards.

Extraction and analysis of data from a network involved hiring people with expertise in the field, now the script does the validation and corrects according to the information gathered. With network automation, network virtualization was conceived and with it came its rote of benefits, employees where now able access their work from home and executives could get updates even when away from the office.

To remain a competitive strategy in the market, companies need to improve efficiency and one of the ways to do this is by adopting new technologies. Software-driven networking and cloud-based systems are the future of the industry, and as the evolution of technology continues, automation is the keyword that will change the face of the way companies interact within and outside the office.


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