Simplifying every manual task with InTouchLink

It is the digital era of simplifying every manual task and making life better for the community.  InTouchLink platform has been specially designed for easing the life’s of seniors by accelerating the comfort experience through more engagement with the community. It has been developed through real time feedback from seniors sharing their housing needs challenges and focuses on combating the same and contributing to hassle free experience. The software ensures that all the residents, seniors, family members and internal staff are connected in harmony and in sync with common interest. This promotes upward growth cycle for all in the community and makes it excel and bloom.

Benefits of Using this Platform

We use an interface expertise which is not just user friendly but also engaging for information sharing across residents. The software works relentlessly basis your feedback and your opinions.

The features of the software comprise of compatibility with seniors of low vision, it adjusts its font, color or size of the screen as per the comfort of the user, requires no complicated process to access email, internet, photos, calendars and more. You can access all these features with ease and little experience.

Another unique feature is the interface is equipped with large buttons, for an easy grip and also one click links to accessing your favorite websites. The internet feature divides website into 12 simple categories like News, Shopping, Medical, Financial etc. hence eliminating the tedious task of running the search engine for delivering a command.  But we have widened the horizon of engaging and entertaining, with links to movies and music library too.

The software allows you to create your own personal email, mark calendar options and also uploading pictures to your album menu. The personal photo album allows easy and quick importing of pictures from email or internet.

To offer another unique feature in this, we have added the digital photo frame as an add on for giving a beautiful touch to your memories. The personal calendar is not simple to access but also offers options to create reminders for your important events like anniversaries, birthdays and medical appointments. The entertainment zone offers brain games, videos, movies and radio for your engagement.

There is customizable greeting cards option as another unique feature to enhance your user experience and send your greetings with smiles and personal messages to your loved ones. The sole objective of all these features is easy navigation and staying in touch with your family, friends or residential community. It’s not restricted within a specific community use, you can access this software anywhere, from senior centre, home or retirement community. Communication is the key for comfort living.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Support Company for All of Your Computer Needs

Almost everywhere we look computers are the new normal. They operate in our homes, cars, businesses and schools. Everyone at some point has had to work with a computer of some kind. Years ago, when computers were first invented they were big, bulky desktop pieces of electronic equipment that were not necessarily removable once installed. Today computers have been made to be much more advanced and portable. Because computers are man-made machines, there will always be a need to have repair services when problems arise. Therefore, the technical support business is booming and here to stay.

Benefits of Using Tech Support

Technical support for a computer can be found several different ways. For example, companies that sell computers whether they are desktop, laptop or cell phones usually provide some sort of technical support services for their products. This gives the purchaser an assurance that in the event of a major glitch within that computer it can be repaired. Sometimes the glitches within a computer or issues may go beyond general tech-support and that is when advance tech-support is necessary. For advanced services there often are specialized companies that handle this type of work.

The different type of computer services that are offered can include improving windows performance problems, startup issues, shut down issues, viruses and adding new programs or removing programs issues. Depending on the exact type of problem that is going on with the individual’s computer will determine what type of technical services they seek after. Technical services include four categories for assistance. They are call in, blocked hours, managed services and crowdsourced technical support.

Call in technical support is the most common type of technical support services that are offered. This type of service allows individuals to call a specific phone number and reach someone that can talk them through or take remote access of their computer to repair or correct the problem that an individual may be experiencing. Depending on the type of issues that are occurring with the computer or electronic equipment it can determine which type of technical support an individual may seek out. There is no set chain of sequences that must be done when searching for tech support. It just simply depends on the issue at hand.

When it comes to blocked hour tech-support this is where an individual can pay for a certain number of hours of support services upfront. Doing a blocked hour technical support services allows the individual to be in control of how much money they will be spending. Because sometimes when customers must reach out to technical support, the repairs could take hours and they will usually end up spending more money than if they were to pay for a specific amount of time up front.

Managed and crowdsourced technical support both allow individuals to either submit tickets to have their equipment rendered for repairs or they can utilize a company forum setup that has pre-written responses for specific problems.

Whatever type of technical services an individual may choose, the need for this service is continuing to grow. As computers and electronic equipment become more and more advanced and are utilized more in our everyday life, the necessity of making sure that these electronic pieces of equipment are functioning properly will always have an impact on public, private, professional or personal levels.

Various SBC Designs for a Company

Using a single board for your computer is often the only way to quickly build the machine that you need. You might choose to build a device that performs a single task, or you could build something that works for a short period of time before you tear it down to repurpose all the parts. You might want to make one of these machines yourself, or you could build something that will last for some time because it is so simple. Use these tips to build the sort of device you need for your office.

Why Do You Need a Single Board Machine?

You could create a Single Board Computer for little jobs around your office, or you could use a single board machine because you want to tinker with a device that is not that complex. You do not want to be in danger of damaging the device, and the single board can be easily repaired or replaced depending on what you think is best for you. You simply need to determine how the computer will be used once it is built.

Who Can Build One?

Anyone can build a single board unit because it provides you with the easy wiring, the single board, and a tower that is easy to close. You might choose to teach your kids about computers with these machines, or you could use these machines to teach yourself how to build an even better computer. You can expand from one board to multiples, and you should build these machines with instructions you found online.

Working with the Board

The board is easy to repair, and it can be fixed at any time if you come across problems. You might want to learn how to solder all the wiring, or you could learn how to put a board together using this one as a model. The boards are not that expensive, and they could be used in any of the machines that you are working on.

How Do You Purchase Your Board or Tower?

You can purchase your board or tower relatively easily, and you will find that these items are much cheaper online. You might select a board that is very cheap, or you could buy a board that is specific to your machine. You could purchase the tower from an outlet that offers discounts, and you will find that you could make something that will last for long periods of time if you have built it correctly.

Someone who wants to change the way that their business functions should remember that there can invest in a single boar machine. The machine is very simple to use, and it is something that anyone can build for their office. You might build something that will help run an operation in your office, or you might want to teach your kids about computers using these same items. The single board machine is a revelation that is easy to purchase, build, and use.

In the Quest to Reduce Noise Pollution Effectively

During construction in areas that are considered as sensitive land use areas, it important to incorporate noise pollution control in the design process. Noise pollution can be a nuisance and can complicate the best of designs. It needs to be controlled whether it comes from the railway, industrial noise or any other source.

The use of barrier walls has increased tremendously given their effectiveness against noise pollution. They are considered to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly given the current standards that the market requires during their manufacture. Sound barrier walls are made from a wide range of materials and consumers are free to choose from this range based on their requirements. Some of the common materials are concrete, vinyl, steel, wood and earth mounds. Each of this material has its advantages, and this is where consulting an expert becomes important before making that final decision.

In most cases, concrete barriers tend to be heavy and cumbersome to move while steel barriers may be expensive especially if they are expected to cover large areas. Vinyl barriers and those made of other composite materials have dealt with these problems, offering more realistic options. Vinyl barriers have been referred to as easy to work with, but this is also dependent on the place of use.

When choosing which barrier to use, it is important to consider a few factors that include the cost of a barrier will be dependent on a number of things. One of these is usually the material used to make it. For example, steel barriers will be generally more expensive than earth molds. The cost of installation should also be put into consideration as it may be cheap to acquire but quite expensive to install. It is important to ensure that whatever barrier is chosen it easy to install, especially in terrains that would otherwise be complex. Use of heavy machinery during installation falls into this too. When considering a barrier, this may be as well the most important factor. There are installations which will not be easy to work on or repair once they are complete. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the lifespan of the chosen barrier matches that of the place it’s to be used. Although this may not seem important at first, it is important that whatever is being created maintains its aesthetic value. In today’s world, first impressions do matter, and they have been known to decide the fate of certain projects. Having considered these factors, it’s important to look at areas where sound barriers are most likely to be used for.

Residential Noise Compliance 

This applies to areas that have to adhere to certain noise ordinances. In most cases, establishments that are prone to be noise pollution sources will erect noise barriers to ensure that they are fully compliant. This applies to appliances that are bound to generate noise and may range from generators to substations. Noise barriers will help minimize the noise escaping from them.


The Importance of Manufacturing within the United States

The job market houses millions of different types of jobs, occupations and fields. However, the one field of occupation that matters the most is the manufacturing and industrial market. Without this market our everyday materials that we use for buildings, homes, schools, vehicles and any other type of equipment would not be possible without manufacturing and industrial industry. It is imperative that here in the United States these jobs in manufacturing and the industrial market are secured.

There have been corporations that have moved their manufacturing and industrial making plants to locations that are overseas however there are some companies that still manufacture here in the United States. The government should be an overwhelming supporter for companies who are utilizing the United States as their home base for manufacture and industrial functions. Not only does this provide thousands upon thousands of jobs but it also makes a way for goods and services to be less expensive because it eliminates the need to add extra taxes due to shipping costs that are often times placed on those items if they come from another country. Having manufacturing and industrial companies here also means that materials or goods can be readily available and in supply.

What Is Manufacturing and Why It Is Important

Manufacturing is basically utilizing tools, chemicals, labor and equipment to make products or merchandise that is able to be sold. The reason why manufacturing is so very important is because it produces a lot of materials and products that we utilize in our everyday lifestyle. For example, sound absorbing panels are not just used in businesses but also in schools, homes and the likes. They provide a barrier from outside noises to entering a building as well as keeping noises from within from traveling outside. Could you imagine working in a company warehouse and the sound of the machines running traveled outside for miles down the road that other people could hear them. That would be quite a problem.

With the example just given it is obvious that corporations will not be able to make products without having those sound panels in place. Now just imagine for a moment if those panels cost $50 each because they were made here in the United States but if they were purchased abroad from overseas that cost could easily be $150 due to taxes and shipping costs. The difference in being able to make products here in United States versus having them made abroad is cost savings.

The world revolves around manufacture and industrial technology. So, it imperative that every company, business owner, cooperation and so on to do as much as they can to preserve this industry. By preserving this industry one can not only ensure that necessary goods and services are being made here in the United States, but it is also a way to help keep people employed. It is also a means to keeping our economy alive and thriving. Even if most of the work may be performed by machines there will still be a need for manpower to ensure that the machines run efficiently. So, there is just no way around it this industry must continue to grow because if not then it could present a threat to our way of life and living.

Fitness Tracking Technology in the Health Insurance World

Did you get your steps in today? Soon it won’t just be your workout partner asking, your insurance company may want to know as well. Some private insurance companies are implementing plans that allow clients to opt in to sharing data from their fitness-tracking device. They have your social security number, medical history, and payment information already so why not your fitness data?

Clients who opt in to fitness tracking plans have the potential to save hundreds of dollars a month on insurance rates. The savings will only apply to those who are exercising regularly. What about people who don’t want to participate? No worries, companies have said there won’t be any negative repercussions for those who opt out. So why would a large insurance company want to discount rates?

Discounting rates based on the amount of physical activity a person engages in “gamifies” exercising. This increases the odds that a client will engage in exercise. Fitness-tracking device wear alone is not enough to increase an individual’s workout habits. In one study, most sedentary office workers decreased their physical activity during the day after starting to wear a tracking device. So again, why does an insurance company care?

The answer is simple. The longer someone lives, the longer they pay insurance premiums. Not only that, but the more exercise an individual engages in, the less likely they are to need more than routine medical care. This includes prescription medications. Overall, the company earns more revenue by offering the discounted insurance rates to customers who exercise, or at least that is the hypothesis. Tricking consumers into exercising so they pay insurance premiums longer isn’t exactly diabolical and could have applications for government funded insurance and hospitals.

The American government is predicated on saving money on healthcare for the people. People using government funded healthcare start wearing fitness trackers and get a tax break based on the amount they exercise. This saves the individual money and the government. Then, the government would be able to reinvest the remainder of the budget back into the healthcare system. It wouldn’t be any different than the 340B drug-pricing plan. Passed by Congress in 1992, the 340B Drug Pricing Plan allows hospitals and clinics serving under insured and under serviced areas to obtain discounted prices on outpatient drugs. The hospitals then reinvest the money saved back into health care services. Some might argue that dolling out fitness tracking devices is a far cry from discounting pharmaceuticals. Is it really though? Many hospitals invest in 340b technologies to help with this sort of thing. The income invested on the front end is earned back many times over by the software as it prevents avoidable fines and ensures compliance with federal law.

Technology is a part of our modern lives. It’s used for everything from playing music while we go for a jog to reminding us of a business engagement from our calendar. Allowing fitness devices to share income with insurance companies is not really that great of a leap. It could turn out to be quite a profitable one.